Kwamis are magical creatures from the miraculous world of Lady Bug, a French animated series. As magical as these creatures seem, it is possible to get a Kwami in real life.

Visit a Zoo or Pet Store

Kwamis are fully capable of living outside their boxes; the first step to owning your own Kwami is to find a real life animal that closely resembles their appearance. Look around your local zoo or pet store; you may find a small creature that is similar enough to serve as a Kwami.

Creating Your Kwami

    • Body: Once you have your animal, whether it’s a mini pig, hamster, or any other pint-sized pet, it’s time to give it the Kwami makeover. If you are an experienced seamstress, you can create a Kwami-like body suit. Make sure that the design is similar to their characteristic costume; a Kurunak or Tikki, for example.
    • Hair: To get the Kwami-style hair-do, their is no need for a haircut –all you need is some craft fur and hot glue. For the hairline, begin with a circle and continue adding the fur down the sides. Add the signature hairstyle at the end.
    • Headband: An elegant headband is one of the last touches for your Kwami’s make-over. Create a headband using elastic fabric, attach some craft fur on it, and you are set.

Taking Care of Your Kwami

Your Kwami will be happy to have you as their owner, so take your time to properly care for it. Feed it accordingly to its diet, allow it to exercise and make sure it is healthy. Show it as much love, attention and respect as you can, and your Kwami will be sure to return the favor.

Getting a Kwami in real life, although challenging, is possible. With a bit of creativity and pet-care instructions, you are one step closer to having your very own Kwami!

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