The forged spirit is a powerful creature in Shindo Life, a popular RPG game. It is an ultimate form of creature that requires specific ingredients and an intricate process to obtain. Forging a spirit can be tricky and requires patience, but with the right knowledge, you can easily add one of these powerful creatures to your team.


    • A great spirit
    • A forge stone
    • A forge gem
    • A forge badge


    1. Gather the necessary ingredients for your forge. You will need one great spirit, one forge stone, one forge gem, and one forge badge. You can find these items in various shops around Shindo Life.
    1. Go to the forge in the city and make sure you have the ingredients ready. You will need to pay a fee when entering.
    1. Place the ingredients in the forge and begin the forging process. This process can take up to several minutes and you may need to pay additional fees if things take too long.
    1. When the process is complete, your forge spirit will be released and ready to join your team. Congratulations!

With a little bit of patience and the right ingredients, you can create a powerful forge spirit in Shindo Life. Good luck and have fun!

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