Shindo Life is an open-world RPG game that allows players to become some of the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe. One of the ultimate goals of the game is to collect all five of the legendary tailed beasts. However, the most recent tailed beasts to be added to the game were the Generation 3 tailed beasts, which can be harder to find than the other four. Here’s how to get the Gen 3 tailed beasts in Shindo Life.

Step 1: Visit the White Fang Base

The White Fang Base is a secret location in the game, only accessible by visiting certain areas in-game. Once you reach the White Fang Base, you will be able to find the Gen 3 tailed beasts in the various chambers available.

Step 2: Locate the Chambers for the Gen 3 Tailed Beasts

Once you enter the White Fang Base, you will have to look around the various chambers in order to find the ones containing the Gen 3 tailed beasts. Each of the chambers is guarded by an extremely powerful being, so be sure to prepare yourself before attempting to take them on.

Step 3: Defeat the Boss

Once you have found the chamber containing the Gen 3 tailed beasts, you will need to defeat the powerful being guarding each of them in order to acquire them. These bosses can be some of the strongest opponents in-game, so you will need to think carefully before engaging them.

Step 4: Collect the Gen 3 Tailed Beasts

After you have successfully defeated the boss in each of the chambers, you will be rewarded with the Gen 3 tailed beasts. You will have to use them wisely as they will prove to be powerful allies in your quest to become a true Naruto master.

Step 5: Enjoy the Benefits of Having the Gen 3 Tailed Beasts

Possessing all of the Gen 3 tailed beasts will give you an immense power boost and allow you to take on even the strongest of enemies. Be sure to use your newfound power wisely, as it could determine the fate of your journey in Shindo Life.


Getting the Gen 3 tailed beasts can be a difficult and time consuming task in Shindo Life, but with some preparation and dedication, you will be able to acquire them and benefit from their immense power. Good luck and happy hunting!

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