We all want to feel connected and fulfilled in life, but our relationship with God can often be overlooked. Here are a few ways you can get your life right with God:

Understand God’s Character

The first step to deepening your relationship with God is to get to know Him and understand His character. Study His attributes so you can understand how He wishes to be worshipped. Read the bible and pray regularly to build a personal relationship with Him.

Seek Guidance From God

God is the source of all knowledge and direction. Ask Him for guidance in everything you do and have faith that He will help you make the best decision. He is a loving God who wants to see you succeed and be happy.

Trust In God

Another way to get your life right with God is to trust in Him. Place your trust in God’s hands and know that He will guide you through whatever life throws at you. Pray for strength, courage and wisdom when making difficult decisions.

Live By Biblical Standards

The bible lays out God’s expectations of us and provides the best guide to living a life pleasing to God. Make sure you live by biblical standards and incorporate them into your daily life.

Show Love and Gratitude

At the end of the day, it is important to show God your love and gratitude for all He does for you. Spend time praying and meditating, and express your love for Him in ways such as singing hymns and saying thank you.


Getting your life right with God starts with understanding His character, seeking guidance from Him, trusting Him, living by Biblical standards, and showing your love and gratitude for all He does for you. Invest the time and make an effort to build a personal relationship with Him, and you will soon be blessed with all the wonderful things God has in store for you.

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