Set aside specific times

    • Make it a priority – Even when our schedule seems full, setting aside specific times will help ensure prayer is still happening
    • Choose a set time – Setting a specific time throughout the day to pray can help create consistency with prayer

Make it a habit

    • Commit to making prayer an everyday habit – Start small and increase if needed. Praying for just a few minutes will be an improvement
    • Set a goal – Decide how often and for how long you will be praying. Sticking to your goal can help build discipline

Mix it up

    • Vary prayer topics – Pray about different things in the same prayer session for example thanking God and then praying for other people
    • Utilise different ways of praying – Praying the rosary and entering a stillness are just two examples of changing our approach to prayer

Be thankful

    • Practice gratitude –Reminding ourselves of all the good gifts we have been blessed with can help bring us closer to God
    • Ask for help – Even just asking God for guidance and to help can help improve our prayer life

Invite others

    • Pray together with family, friends or in a group – Praying with others or in groups keeps us accountable and can help keep us motivated
    • Attend Church – Taking the time to go to Church is another way of making prayer part of our lives.

Improving our prayer life can often seem difficult, but with a little bit of time and effort, it will become easier. Make sure to set aside specific times, make it a habit, mix it up, be thankful and invite others to join. With these steps you’ll soon be on your way to an amazing prayer life.

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