As a life coach, you should take pride in your work and have an interesting introduction that speaks to the goals of your clients. Here are a few tips for crafting an introduction that highlights your services and makes clients feel comfortable working with you.

Steps for Crafting an Introduction:

    • Explain What Life Coaching is – Make sure to explain the concept of life coaching and the various services that you provide. This should be one of the first things you say so that potential clients can quickly understand what you do.
    • Define Your Coaching Style – Describe your coaching style and how it might help your clients. Be sure to also explain how you go out of your way to customize the experience of being coached, making sure to provide an atmosphere in which clients feel understood.
    • Highlight Your Expertise – Make sure to point out any unique skills or knowledge that you have that can help them. If you’re certified, also mention that and any success stories you’ve had in helping your clients.
    • Outline Your Coaching Process – Explain how you work with clients and the kind of outcomes they can expect. This should include a timeline of the coaching process and how you will help them along the way.
    • Be Authentic – Ultimately, try to be yourself and appeal to your target market. You want potential clients to resonate with who you are and what you offer.


By introducing yourself as a life coach, you can show potential clients that you understand the issues they’re facing and have the qualifications to provide them with the help they need to move forward. Put your best foot forward with these tips for introducing yourself and make the most of your introductions.

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