God is always working on our behalf, even when we don’t recognize it. His timing is perfect, and all of his plans are orchestrated with perfection leading up to our ultimate glory and purpose. Here are some ways you can recognize that God is working in your life:

1. You Feel Peace and Joy

When God is in control and working on our behalf, we have an inexplicable peace and joy that become our guide. This peace and joy overflows us and help us to recognize that God is working on our behalf.

2. Your Plans Come To Fruition

When God is involved, plans will eventually come to fruition even in seemingly impossible circumstances. As we seek to discern God’s will, and make plans and decisions which are in line with His will, our plans are certain to come to life in some way or another.

3. God Is Faithful

God is always faithful, no matter how faithless and broken we become. He is always there, and never fails to show up when we need Him. Even when we have forgotten about Him, He is steadfast in His love for us and His work on our behalf.

4. You Get Guidance From Others

God will often send people our way to provide guidance and support when we need it most. He has put people in different areas of our life to give us direction and help us stay on track with what He has called us to do.

5. Unusual Doors Open

When God is working in our life, things start to happen in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We may see doors open that we didn’t expect or things coming together in supernatural ways.

6. You Receive Answers

God can always be trusted to provide the answers we need. He will answer prayers and show us the right path when we seek Him.

7. Your Desires Change

Our desires may change as we draw closer to God. We may no longer desire the same things we once did, and may instead find ourselves more in line with His desires for our life.


God is always working in our lives. We can recognize this by being mindful to the peace and joy that comes when we are aware of His presence, by having faith in His plans, and by recognizing the guidance He sends. He is faithful and Merciful, and is always working, without fail, to bring glory and purpose to our lives.

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