Butterflies have four distinct stages in their life cycle, and each of them can be recreated in 3D with simple materials that are easy to find. Follow these steps to create your own 3D butterfly life cycle!


    • Colored Modeling Clay (4 colors for the four stages: egg, larvae, pupae, butterfly)
    • Toothpicks (for structure)
    • Pipe Cleaners (For antennae)
    • White Glue


    • Egg: create a small egg shape out of one color of the modeling clay. Use the white glue to secure it firmly to the toothpick.
    • Larvae: use a different color of modeling clay to shape a slightly larger and more elongated figure, then attach to the toothpick.
    • Pupae: use a different color of modeling clay again to fashion a cocoon shape for the pupae stage, then attach it to the toothpick.
    • Butterfly: for the final stage, shape the modeling clay into a butterfly shape and attach it to the toothpick. Use the pipe cleaners to make the antennae.

And there you have it! Your very own 3D butterfly life cycle! With a little bit of creativity, this activity can be adapted to create any kind of 3D life cycle.

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