Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients


    • 210g of sodium nitrate
    • 90g of sulfur
    • 25g of powdered charcoal
    • 4 spoons of glue

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients


    • Mix together the sodium nitrate, sulfur, and powdered charcoal in a non-metal bowl.
    • Once those ingredients are mixed together, add 4 spoons of wood glue and stir to create the mixture.

Step 3: Mold TNT


    • Place the mixture into a container and press down on it to eliminate any excess air.
    • Allow the TNT to cure in the container for 24 hours.

Step 4: Test the TNT


    • Once the TNT is cured, it is ready to be tested.
    • Be sure to perform the test in an isolated location, away from people and flammable items.


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