In times of grief and helplessness, one of the most powerful tools we have is faith. We may be tempted to offer up a prayer for someone we loved to come back to life, here is how to pray for the impossible.

1. Ask for Help from God

First and foremost, no matter what your beliefs, you must ask for help from a higher power. Whether it be God, Allah, or any other power that you wish to address, ask them to step in and protect your loved one from death.

2. Acknowledge the Loss

Once you have asked for divine intervention, it is important to acknowledge the loss of your loved one. As difficult as it may be, take the time to grieve and honor their life. Be kind to yourself, and know that their spirit will always remain with you.

3. Believe in Possibility

It can be difficult to hold onto hope in the midst of grief, but believing in the possibility of a miracle is essential. The power of prayer can be strong, and there is no limit to what God can do. Have faith that he or she may be returned and prepare to meet them with an open heart.

4. Focus on Love

When you are praying for a loved one’s return, make sure to focus on the love that you shared during that person’s life. Think about all of the good moments and let that love fill your heart.

5. Make it Known

Finally, make sure you announce to the universe that you are praying for your loved one’s return. Share your story with others and have them join you in sending out positive energy and love for your loved one.

We may not understand why tragedy strikes, but we do know that our faith can help us heal from pain and loss. Praying for a miracle may seem impossible, but it never hurts to ask for one.

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