Recruiting life insurance agents should be a top priority for any life insurance company looking to expand their pool of talent and sell more policies.

Steps to Recruit Life Insurance Agents

    • Define Your Company’s Need – Examine your company’s growth goals and determine what type of life insurance agents you need to meet your objectives.
    • Evaluate Your Resources – Research available recruitment methods to identify which approaches you’ll use to attract the right type of life insurance agents to your organization.
    • Create a Profile – Establish criteria for the ideal life insurance agents your company seeks and develop a profile that outlines the skills, experience, and knowledge you want them to have.
    • Reach Out – Utilize industry contacts, websites, directories, job boards, and other sources to promote your open positions and reach the right prospects for your organization.
    • Engage Prospects – Develop relationships with potential life insurance agents to grow your network and evaluate the fit of each candidate.
    • Make an Offer – Educate your new recruit on available benefits, compensation packages, and other incentives.
    • Finalize the Contract – Outline the terms and conditions of the agreement and have both parties sign.

Following these steps can help life insurance companies effectively recruit life insurance agents and position their organization for long-term success.

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