Are you fed up with seeing your friends expressions as Thug Life? Then let’s see how to remove thug life from Facebook. Thug Life is one of the new emojis available on Facebook, but it can be quite annoying, especially if you have it on your timeline all the time. Here’s how to get rid of it for good:

1. Uninstall the Thug Life app:

The easiest way to remove thug life from Facebook is to simply uninstall the Thug Life app. To do this, open Facebook and click on the app button in the top right corner. Find “Thug Life” and click the X to remove it.

2. Block the Thug Life posts:

If you still want to keep the Thug Life app installed, then you can block it from appearing on your timeline by entering your settings. In the Privacy section, select “Block lists” and add the name “Thug Life” to the list.

3. Disable the Thug Life notifications:

Another way to get rid of the Thug Life posts is to disable the notifications. To do this, open the Thug Life app, select “Settings” and then turn off the notifications in the “Notifications” section.

4. Unfriend the Thug Life people:

If you still see too much Thug Life on your timeline, then it may mean that your friends are sharing the posts. An easy way to stop this is to unfriend the people who are sharing the posts. To do this, go to their profile and select “Unfriend” from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

These steps will help you remove the annoying Thug Life posts from your timeline. So, go ahead and get rid of it now!

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