Resetting your Honda Accord oil life allows you to keep track of your service schedule with ease. The reset procedure for a 2009 Honda Accord is relatively easy and can be performed in a few steps.

Steps to Resetting 2009 Honda Accord Oil Life:

    • Step 1: Turn your ignition and start your Accord. Make sure the shift lever is in Park.
    • Step 2: Turn off all accessories, such as the radio and headlights.
    • Step 3: Press and hold the odometer reset button on the instrument panel until the “maintenance required” light starts to flash.
    • Step 4: Release the button when the “maintenance required” light begins to flash.
    • Step 5: Press and release the same button again to confirm the oil life has been reset.

Congratulations! You have successfully reset the oil life on your 2009 Honda Accord. You should now reset your Honda Accord oil life every time you change the oil. Doing this will keep the service intervals suggested by Honda in the owner’s manual and keep your car running its best.

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