If you own a 2008 Honda Civic, you may need to reset the oil life indicator to reflect an oil change. This is an important step to ensure your vehicle’s engine is properly cared for and running efficiently. This article will explain the process of resetting the oil life on your 2008 Honda Civic.

Step 1: Collecting Supplies

    • Honda Civic owner’s manual
    • Push-button start key
    • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 2: Accessing the Odomter

Turn on the ignition and press the lock button, located on the push-button start key, to unlock the vehicle. Put the push-button start key aside.

From inside the car, locate the odometer setting button and press it. This will bring up the maintenance settings menu.

Step 3: Resetting the Oil Life Indicator

Use the odometer settings button to scroll down to “oil life” and press the button again. This will bring up a number between 0-100%.

Using your Phillips head screwdriver, gently turn the screw located on the right side of the odometer until it reaches 100%. This will reset the oil life indicator and set it back to maximum.

Step 4: Exiting and Saving Settings

After resetting the oil life indicator, press the odometer settings button again to save and exit. You have now successfully reset the oil life on your 2008 Honda Civic.

Remember to refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on resetting the oil life indicator. By following these steps, you can ensure your 2008 Honda Civic is running efficiently and giving you the best performance.

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