If the oil life on your 2010 Honda Civic has reached 0%, the vehicle will be overdue for an oil change. Resetting the oil life is a simple process that tells your Honda that you’ve just completed an oil change.


  • Turn on your Honda. Press the power button and let the car turn on. Make sure that your car is in park.
  • Set car to “Maintenance”. Find the “Select/Reset” button and press it until the “Maintenance Minder” option appears. Press the button again.
  • Select reset. Rotate the selection knob clockwise to reset the oil life. Press down on the knob to finalize the selection.
  • Exit main menu. Press the “Select/Reset” button until you get back to the main menu. Once again press down on the knob to finalize the selection, and you are finished.

After you reset the oil life, you will be able to monitor it again and track how much oil life you have left as you drive. This is an important part of car maintenance, so make sure to reset the oil life often.

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