Regular oil changes are important for keeping your 2007 Cadillac Escalade running at peak performance. Additionally, resetting your oil life after an oil change helps ensure that you are accurately notified when it’s time for the next oil change. Here’s how to reset the oil life on your Cadillac Escalade:

Steps to Resetting Oil Life

    • Turn the ignition key to the On position.
    • Find the ‘trip/Fuel’ button on your dash. Press and hold this button for up to 5 seconds.
    • Continue to hold down the trip/Fuel button until the display reads ‘Change Oil’.
    • Once the display reads ‘Change Oil’, release the trip/Fuel button. The oil life should now be reset on your Escalade.

It’s important to reset the oil life regularly on your Escalade. If you don’t reset the oil life after an oil change, you could be missing out on important warnings when it’s time for your next oil change.

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