Resetting oil life on the 2013 Honda Accord requires the driver to access the display screen inside the car. The 2013 Honda Accord is equipped with a display screen which contains an “oil life” indicator. This indicator will let you know when the oil needs to be changed in the vehicle. In this article, we will explain how to reset the oil life in a 2013 Honda Accord.


Step 1: Turn the Ignition Key

Turn the key in the ignition to the “ON” position. This will allow you to access the display screen in the car.

Step 2: Press the “Menu” Button

Once the display screen is active, press the “Menu” button located on the steering wheel. This will give you access to the various settings and display options.

Step 3: Select the “Maintenance” Option

Once you access the general settings, you will need to select the “Maintenance” option. This will take you to the oil life indicator.

Step 4: Reset the Oil Life

Once you are on the oil life indicator, you will need to press the “Reset” button. This will reset the oil life indicator and let you know when the oil needs to be changed.


    • Remember to check your oil regularly. Even though you have reset the oil life indicator, it is important to remember to check your oil regularly to ensure that it is at the correct level.
    • Refer to your owner’s manual. If you are having trouble accessing the oil life indicator, you may need to refer to your owner’s manual for further assistance.

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