The oil life system on a vehicle typically alerts the driver when it is time for a change. This is especially important for cars with long oil change intervals, such as the 2016 Ford Focus. The oil life reset process is quite simple and can be done at home.


    • Turn the ignition on – make sure that all of the car’s electrical components are turned off, then turn the ignition to the “ON” position (do not start the engine).
    • Press the MENU button – this is located on the dashboard, near the instrument cluster.
    • Scroll to “Oil Life” – use the MENU button to scroll through the options until you reach “Oil Life”.
    • Press the SETUP button – once you reach “Oil Life”, press the “SETUP” button to start the oil life reset process.
    • Press the RESET button – this will reset the oil life indicator. The oil life indicator will now be set to 100%.

After following these steps, the service light should be reset and your Ford Focus will be ready for another year on the road. Remember to keep an eye on the oil filter and oil level during the year, as well as getting regular oil changes. This will help keep your car running in top condition.

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