Owners of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee may have to reset the oil life monitors in their vehicles from time to time. The oil life monitors track the engine oil performance and adjusts accordingly to when an engine oil change is due.

Step By Step Instructions


    • Start the Engine – Begin by starting the engine in your Jeep Cherokee.
    • Turn Off the Radio – Turn off the radio in your vehicle.
    • Push the OK/Set Button – Find the radio in your Cherokee, then press theOK/Set button.
    • Use the Volume Knob – Turn the volume knob until you have the “Oil Life X%” option highlighted.
    • Press the OK/Set Button Again – Push the OK/Set button again to confirm your selection.
    • Turn Off the Engine – To complete the process turn off the engine by pressing the ignition button.

If the oil has been recently changed in your 2016 Jeep Cherokee, you will need to reset the oil life monitor. It is important to reset the oil life monitor so your vehicle will alert you in the future when it is time for the next oil change. Following these steps will help you reset the oil life so your Jeep Cherokee will continue to alert you when it is time for your next oil change.

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