It is important to stay on top of necessary maintenance in your vehicle, such as resetting the oil life indicator. For a 2018 Honda CR-V, follow these steps to reset the oil life in your vehicle:

Required Materials

    • 2018 Honda CR-V


    1. Turn on Ignition: Turn the ignition on the Honda CR-V to the “On” position.
    1. Press and Hold Menu Button: While in the ignition “On” position, press and hold the “Menu” button.
    1. Highlight Oil Life: Use the left toggle switch to scroll across until the oil life is highlighted on the LCD.
    1. Press Menu Button: Press the “Menu” button.
    1. Highlight Reset: Use the toggle switch to scroll down to “reset”
    1. Reset Oil Life: Press the “Menu” button to reset the oil life.

Resetting the oil life on your 2018 Honda CR-V is an important part of staying up to date on maintenance and keeping your car running smoothly. Following the steps listed above will help you reset the oil life and keep your car running.

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