Owners of the Honda Pilot 2016 have the option to reset their vehicle’s engine oil life when they change their oil. This is a simple and very important procedure that should be performed after each oil change. If this procedure is not carried out, then the vehicle will not track your oil life accurately.

Steps to Reset Oil Life on Honda Pilot 2016


    • Step 1: Start the engine and turn on the ignition
    • Step 2: Insert and remove the key from the ignition three times
    • Step 3: Wait two seconds while the display cycles
    • Step 4: Press and hold the ‘Select/Reset’ knob until “Oil Life” flashes
    • Step 5: Press the ‘Select/Reset’ knob until the oil life reads 100 percent
    • Step 6: Turn the ignition off

You’ll know that the procedure worked when you are able to remove the key from the ignition and the Oil Life shows “100%” on the display. Carry out these steps after each oil change to reset your Honda Pilot 2016’s engine oil life.

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