Owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 allows you to enjoy the power and style of this top-of-the-line vehicle. It is essential that you keep up with the standard maintenance to ensure that you are getting the most out of your ride. One important aspect of maintenance is to keep your oil changed as per the manufacturer’s specifications to keep your engine running smoothly. The oil life should be reset when the oil is changed. Here is a guide to resetting the oil life in your Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015.

Step 1: Insert the Key

Start by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it to the “Run” position. Do not start the engine.

Step 2: Set Oil Change Reminder To 0

Press and hold the “OK” button located on the left side of the steering wheel until the “Set Oil Life 0%?” message appears on the display. Continue to press and hold the “OK” button until the “Oil Change Reminder Reset” message appears.

Step 3: Reset Oil Life at 0%

Press the “Trip Reset Button” on the left side of the steering wheel until the oil life display shows “0%.”

Step 4: Start the Vehicle

Start the vehicle and press “OK/Select” if needed and the Oil Life “0%” message should appear. The oil life reset is now complete.

Maintenance Tips

To make sure your Jeep Grand Cherokee maintains optimal performance, follow these maintenance tips:

    • Check the oil level and top off as necessary. Oil levels should be checked regularly to ensure that the engine is receiving enough lubrication.
    • Check for oil leaks. Regularly inspect the engine for signs of oil leaks. If oil is discovered leaking from the engine, take your Jeep to a certified mechanic as soon as possible.
    • Change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Oil should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or as specified by the manufacturer. This will help ensure that the engine is sufficiently lubricated.

By following these steps, you should successfully reset the oil life indicator in your Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015. In addition, following the maintenance tips provided should ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and performs optimally.

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