Owning a Honda Accord has several benefits, including a longer engine life and reliable performance. The onboard computer sends trouble codes to the driver and odometer to inform them when the oil should be changed, and how to reset an oil life indicator. Resetting the oil life indicator on the Honda Accord ensures that you’ll get an accurate assessment of when it’s time to change the oil.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

    • Start the car and allow it to warm up for one minute.
    • Press and hold the trip odometer reset button located on the instrument panel.
    • Release the button when the maintenance required screen appears.
    • Reset the oil life indicator by pressing the reset button.
    • Allow the oil life reset sequence to complete. The ‘maintenance required’ light will blink four times and then stay on to signify the reset is complete.


Additional Tips:

    • Check the oil level to make sure the right amount is being used.
    • Consult the Honda manual for information on when to change the oil.
    • Make sure the oil filter is replaced when resetting the oil life indicator.
    • If you are unsure how to reset the oil life indicator, consult a qualified mechanic.

Resetting the oil life indicator is a relatively simple process that should be done on a regular basis to ensure your Honda Accord runs smoothly for years to come. Remember to follow the directions above and never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval.

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