Having your life go a bit off track by 30 can leave you feeling demoralized and clueless about ever being successful long-term. Fear not, though, as this summary lays out a few steps to make sure you ruin your life in no time flat.

Be Fatalistic

Look at the world and yourself with an air of pessimism. Don’t try to change the trajectory of your life because you assume it’s too late to try anything new. By believing that fate is immoveable, you’re likely to stay in one place and never really stick to a plan.


Make sure to be frugal to the point of excessively cutting back on anything other than the bare basics. Not spending money on experiences, fun, investments and even good clothes sends a message that you’re not worth the effort.

Be Unreliable

Don’t meet the standards of reliability that people expect from an adult. Don’t show up for events or for work on time, and avoid long-term commitments in any areas of your life. You’ll be seen as someone who can’t be counted on.

Take Risks

But not the good kind. Don’t start a business, determine a budget, plan school or save money. Instead, gamble with money, put off decisions until it’s too late, and make choices that impair your financial stability.

To ensure you ruin your life before 30, keep these points in mind:

    • Be Fatalistic
    • Underspend
    • Be Unreliable
    • Take Risks

Following these steps will have you distracted and discouraged before you know it.

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