This is a popular song loved by many and easily will bring out the emotions in you so grab your guitar and let’s get started! Here are the steps to play Safe a Life chords.

Step 1: Master the Intro to the Song

Start out by learning the intro and playing around with it, this will help you become familiar with the song and let you connect to the chords!

Step 2: Break Down the Chords

    • C Major: Played open, with a barre on fret three.
    • A Minor: Played open and with a barre on fret five.
    • F Major: Played open and with a barre on fret one.

Step 3: Practice Playing the Chords

Start slow and practice the chord changes until you can switch between them swiftly and smoothly. Have patience and keep working at it, with time and practice you’ll find the sound you’re looking for!

Step 4: Learn the Strumming Pattern

Now that you have the chords down, work on the strumming pattern. This can be tricky so make sure to listen to the song and watch tutorials if necessary.

Step 5: Play Along with the Song

Once you have the strumming pattern down you can start playing along with the song. Focus on connecting with the meaning of the song and channel that energy into playing, use safe a life chords to bring out all the emotions associated with the song!

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