How to Play the Chords of “How to Save a Life” on a Ukulele

The song “How to Save a Life” by The Fray quickly became an instant hit and remains as one of the most popular acoustic songs of all time. The stand-out elements of this song are definitely its melancholic and majestic melody and gripping lyrics.

The chords used in this piece are more complicated than the usual songs for the ukulele. Nevertheless, you will never go wrong with “How to Save a Life” on your ukulele. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you master the chords:

The Chords/Sequence for “How to Save a Life”

    • G major chord [320033]
    • C major chord [x32010]
    • D major chord [xx0232]
  • Em chord [022000]

Note that all chords are to be strummed once each. After playing the G major for 4 strums, switch to the C major for the next 4 strums. Then, switch to D major for 4 strums and, finally, to Em chords for the last 4 strums.

Other Tips

It is also important to keep in mind a few important tips as you practice. Here are some:

    • Start with the basic ukulele chords first. This will be the foundation to master the chords of the song easier.
    • Remember that practice makes perfect. Keep practicing until all the chords are ingrained in your memory.
    • Listen to the song and follow along to acquaint yourself with the rhythm and melody of the piece.

It’s time to learn the chords and start mastering “How to Save a Life” on your ukulele. Good luck!

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