Sleeping with a life vest can seem uncomfortable at first, but if you know the right way to do it, it can become the most comfortable sleeping arrangement you’ve ever experienced. Here’s how to sleep with a Life Vest:

Getting In

    • Choose the Right Vest: The most important part of sleeping with a life vest is finding the right type of vest for you. Make sure to find a vest that has enough straps and buckles to keep it snug and comfortable. Look for one with extra padding in the shoulders and back for added comfort.
    • Position Yourself Carefully: When you get in the water, make sure that the vest is fastened snugly around your body. Do not over inflate the vest, as this can make it even more uncomfortable. Lay on your back, with the vest slightly above your waist, so that your arms can move freely.
    • Secure the Vest: After you’ve positioned yourself, you’re ready to fasten the straps and buckles of the life vest. Make sure that everything is secure and double-check that all of the buckles are properly fastened. This will ensure that you will remain comfortable throughout the night.
    • Cover Yourself: Once you have your life vest secure, you can add a blanket or sleeping bag to add extra warmth and comfort. Make sure to keep the blanket or sleeping bag tucked in so that it does not become displaced during the night.

Getting Out

  • Unfasten the Straps: When you’re ready to get out of the water, slowly unfasten the straps and buckles of the life vest. Make sure to take your time, as a sudden jerk may cause the vest to become loose, which can be dangerous.
  • Go Back to Dry Land: When you have unfastened the vest, it’s time to leave the water. Make sure to move slowly and carefully to avoid slipping or falling out of the life vest.
  • Dry the Vest: When you have safely reached dry land, remove the vest and lay it out to dry. This will help keep the vest in good condition and prevent it from getting water damage.

Sleeping with a life vest can be comfortable and secure if done correctly. With the right life vest, positioning and fastening, you can experience a cozy night of sleep, even in the water!

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