Speaking life into someone is an act of kindness. It means you are intentionally loving another person enough to build them up and to encourage them. And it can truly make a difference in the life of others! But how do you do it?

1. Be Specific

Describe the person and what you like or appreciate about them. The more specific you are, the more meaningful your words will be. Be honest and sincere in your compliments and avoid cliches.

2. Speak Words of Affirmation and Encouragement

Encouraging one another’s goals and dreams is empowering. Let the person know that you care and that you are available to support them in any way that you can.

3. Pray for them

Show them love and kindness by praying for and with them. Pray for physical and emotional healing, strength in times of weakness, and God’s will to be done in their lives.

4. Live Out These Actions

Allow your words and actions to align. Show them love, have compassion, and be patient. Positive energy is contagious and will speak volumes.

5. Spend Time with Them

Sometimes people just need company and a listening ear. Make time to spend with them and give them a chance to open up and to talk. Let them know that you are there and that they can trust you.

6. Avoid Negativity

Choose your words and perspective wisely. Do not compare them to anyone else and avoid negative language. Focus on the positives and don’t forget to laugh!

Speaking life into someone is a beautiful way to show them meaningful love. Invest in the people around you, be present, and use your words to build them up. When done with love and with good intent, you can truly speak life into someone and make a powerful impact. ˜

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