Honda CR-V is an all-round SUV that needs quality maintenance. Once you’ve completed an oil change, you may want to reset the oil life indicator so that you can keep track of important service intervals. Here’s how to turn off the oil life on your Honda CR-V:


    • Turn off engine. To ensure safety, turn off the engine before proceeding.
    • Press “Select/Reset” button. Locate the Reset/Select button on your dashboard and press it. It’s usually located either on your instrument panel or on the steering wheel.
    • Select “Oil Life”. Use the toggle buttons to select “Oil Life”.
    • Turn oil life off. Wait for the oil life indicator to display and then press the “Reset/Select” button again to turn off the oil life indicator.

Your Honda CR-V is now ready to clock your next oil change! If you followed the steps above, you should have no trouble resetting your Honda CR-V’s oil life meter. If you’re still having difficulty, refer to your Honda CR-V owner’s manual or contact a certified Honda mechanic.

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