A slice of life story is a story that follows a character through a period of their life, usually through a few days or weeks, focusing on the mundane events that make up the fabric of the character’s life. It is a great way to get to know characters more intimately and to help the reader understand their lives, motivations, and experiences. Here are some tips on how to write a slice of life story.

Choose Your Character

The first step to writing a slice of life is to choose your character. Who is the focus of your story and what do you want to show about them? Choose a character with a full life and a lot of capabilities. A good character for a slice of life story should have a rich and varied life, where different people and situations interact with them, and will be able to be explored in more depth.

Decide What Events to Cover

Once you have chosen a character, decide which events to include in your story. Be sure to include the mundane, everyday tasks that make up the character’s life, such as getting up in the morning, going to the store, and returning home. Also include important moments, such as visiting with family or friends, going on vacation, taking a class, or starting a new job. Decide what events will reveal the most about your character and stay away from events that don’t move the story forward.

Create Conflict and Resolution

Just as with any story, a slice of life needs conflict and resolution. The conflict should be relatable and easily understandable, such as dealing with the stresses of life, overcoming fears, or dealing with a difficult decision. The resolution should be something that brings the character closer to their ultimate goal or a new understanding that they can take with them.

Focus on the Small Details

When writing a slice of life story, it is important to focus on the small details. What does your character think about as they are brushing their teeth in the morning? What does the sky look like when they are driving to work? Focus on the mundane, everyday events and the details that give life to your character.

Be Honest and Authentic

Ensure that your story is honest and authentic. Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the story and reflect on your own experiences, or create events out of your own imagination. Be sure that your story reflects the character’s true reactions and emotions. This will help to create an emotional bond between the reader and your character and make the story more engaging.

Writing a slice of life story is a great way to create an intimate portrait of a character and to explore the day-to-day experiences that make up the fabric of their life. Follow these tips to make sure that your story is detailed, authentic, and engaging.

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