Actor and singer Kara Killmer has gained a lot of attention and fame for her role as Paramedic in
Charge of Firehouse 51, Sylvie Brett in the NBC drama “Chicago Fire”. Fans of the show have been
wondering if Kara Killmer is actually pregnant in real life.

What Does The News Say?

Kara Killmer had sparked the rumors when she took to social media and posted a picture
where she appears with a bigger belly. She was seen in the Los Angeles area enjoying Christmas Eve
with her family members.

The actress later responded to rumors of her being pregnant in the most humorous way. She
tweeted saying, “Just trying different looks to find my next career move. My thoughts? Mogul
Baby product line.”

The big question left unanswered remains that is Kara Killmer actually pregnant in real life?

The Facts:

    • Kara Killmer has not made any announcements publicly in regards to her being pregnant.
    • No media sources have confirmed the news of her pregnancy.
    • Kara Killmer’s tweet was only a joke.

Kara Killmer is no doubt one of the most beloved actresses in the world of television. She
has made extensive contributions to the industry throughout her illustrious career. Even though it
would be great to receive some good news about the actress being pregnant, all signs point to
the news about her being pregnant being untrue.

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