Chicago Fire is one of the most popular and highly rated TV series. It follows the lives of the first responders of the Chicago Fire Department. One of the most beloved characters, Rescue Squad Lieutenant Kelly Severide, is portrayed by actor Taylor Kinney.

Brett: Character and Actress

Brett is the rookie paramedic (formerly nurse) in the firehouse who is currently in a relationship with Kelly. She is played by actress Kara Killmer.

Learn the Status Here

Are they expecting a real-life baby? The answer is no. In real life, Kara Killmer is not pregnant. At least not as of this writing.

Fun Facts About Killmer

Kara Killmer is an American actress and model. Her celebrity status has been growing steadily since her role in Chicago Fire. Here are some interesting facts about her:

    • She is married to long-time boyfriend Carson Dowhan
    • She owns a dance studio in her hometown of El Campo, Texas
    • She loves animals, especially cats
    • She has appeared in several major films and TV shows, including American Sniper and Supernatural

Final Thoughts

Kara Killmer is an inspirational figure in the entertainment industry and we love her portrayal of Brett on Chicago Fire. Despite rumours, she is definitely not pregnant in real life.

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