Brian Jordan Jr. is an actor, known for his role as Rafael Holmes on Netflix’s hit show, Never Have I Ever. His character is an openly gay teen and some of his fans have been questioning if Brian is openly gay in real life as well. Here’s what we know:

No Public Acknowledgment

Brian Jordan Jr. has not publicly acknowledged his sexuality, so we cannot conclusively say whether or not he is gay. He has not spoken publicly or on social media about any relationship, or even hinted that he might identify as anything other than straight.

Focus on Acting

Brian seems to be focused on his acting career rather than his personal life. He is actively pursuing auditions, promoting his work on social media and showing interest in meeting with other artists. If Brian is gay, he appears to be focused on his career above all else.

Fan Speculation

While no public acknowledgment has been made, there is speculation from some fans that have interpreted his behavior as indicative of being gay. Social media fans are convinced that Brian’s acting on Never Have I Ever is so accurate that it can only mean that he is playing the same gender in real life.


Only Brian knows the truth about his sexuality, and only he can decide whether he wants to come out publicly or not. Until then, we can only speculate about his private life and support him as an amazing actor, regardless of his orientation.
The bottom line is that we don’t know if Brian Jordan Jr. is gay in real life, and only he can answer that question.

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