Candace Owens is an American political commentator, author and entrepreneur who has been vocal on a wide range of topics. As a conservative personality, many have speculated as to where she stands on the issue of abortion, specifically whether she is pro-life or pro-choice.

Public Political Stance

Owens is publicly pro-life, often voicing her strong opinions on the issue of abortion and its controversial implications. She has said that those who are pro-choice are actually “the real radicals” and that pro-lifers “are pro science,” pointing out that life begins at conception. Her stance has been met with criticism from some, but it has also served to give her a larger platform to reach her conservative fan base on social media.

Personal Views

Whether it’s political or personal, Owens is committed to the pro-life view. In an interview with Fox News, Owens revealed that she and her husband had, at one point, been considering terminating their own pregnancy, but they eventually decided to keep the baby, citing their religious beliefs and their commitment to the pro-life cause.

Key Takeaways of Candace Owens Pro-Life Stance

• Owens is publicly and personally pro-life, often voicing her strong opinions on abortion.

• Owens believes that pro-lifers are “pro science” and that those who are pro-choice are the “real radicals.”

• She and her husband almost terminated their pregnancy, but eventually decided against it because of their religious beliefs and commitment to the pro-life cause.

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