Christopher Gorham is an American actor best known for his roles in crime dramas like Ugly Betty and Covert Affairs. While playing a role of an FBI agent in real life, there are many questions regarding his sight. Let’s take a look at whether Christopher Gorham is blind in real life.

Not Blind in Real Life

No, Christopher Gorham is not blind in real life. In reality, he has the same vision as any other normal person. Through his acting career he has portrayed various characters, some of which have vision impairments. This was simply part of his acting method and it did not happen in real life.

Physical Impairments

Sadly, Christopher Gorham does have some physical impairments that he deals with. One of them is Gynecomastia, which is a condition where he has excess breast tissue. He is also susceptible to seizures, something that he was born with. Gorham also suffers from an autoimmune disorder called Ataxia, which reduces his physical coordination.

Christopher Gorham’s Struggles

Despite these physical impairments, Christopher Gorham is determined to live his life in the same way a normal person would. He has gone through numerous surgeries in order to help him stay healthy. He is also open about his issues and hopes to raise awareness about them. To that end, he actively participates in speaking engagements and charity events.


To answer the question, Christopher Gorham is not blind in real life. Despite the various physical impairments he has, the actor is determined to live his life to the fullest. Through his activities and speaking engagements, he hopes to inspire people and raise awareness about these conditions.

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