Dexter Lumis is an enigmatic protagonist of the popular show, WWE NXT. He is portrayed by an equally cryptic and equally popular wrestler, Austin Theory.

Austin Theory is a multi-talented athlete and a popular wrestling performer. He has a large fanbase and has sparked many debates among the WWE and NXT universes. One of the recurring questions is whether or not Austin Theory is married.

No, Austin Theory Is Not Married

Though he is popularly known for his enigmatic persona of Dexter Lumis and his WWE NXT performances, Austin Theory is not married in real life. He has decided to focus on his wrestling career for now and has kept his personal life out of the limelight.

Theory’s Previous Rumored Relationships

Austin Theory is believed to have previously been in an on-off relationship with an Italian model named Aurora Beltrami. Although neither Theory nor Beltrami has ever acknowledged such relations, the two were regularly seen together in various places.

Theory is also rumored to have been in a relationship with WWE NXT’s Bianca Belair. Although no official confirmation has been made by either side, the two have been seen together a few times and have interacted with each other on social media, sparking speculation.

What Does The Future Hold?

Austin Theory is fairly young and is still in his early twenties. He has plenty of time to start thinking about settling down but, for now, he is focusing on his wrestling career. He has achieved much success in WWE NXT but it remains to be seen what he will do in the future.

Regardless, he is currently not married and seems to want to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.


To conclude, Dexter Lumis is not married in real life. Austin Theory is currently focusing on his wrestling career, and although he has been rumored to have had relationships in the past, there has been no official confirmation.
We may yet see him married in the future, but for now, he appears to be single.

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