Easton Rocket Sweda is a character from the Netflix series Atypical. He is an eleven-year-old boy on the Autism spectrum. But is Easton Swedish autistic in real life?

The Character of Easton

Easton Swedish is a lovable character whose behavior reflects many traits that many those on the Autism spectrum experience, such as sensory sensitivities, struggling to understand social norms, and difficulty controlling his emotions. His portrayal in the show is done with empathy and understanding, making viewers sympathetic to his plight.

Real Life Actor

The actor who portrays Easton Swedish is Don Deetz. Deetz is an actor with no direct experience with autism, however, that doesn’t mean he can’t portray a character on the autism spectrum with accuracy, understanding and empathy. He notably prepares himself for roles he plays by researching the character type he’s playing, thus ensuring he portrays them in an authentic and insightful manner.

Final Thoughts

Though Easton Rocket Sweda is not autistic in real life, he is portrayed in the series Atypical with understanding and empathy, making him a relatable and lovable character for viewers. Don Deetz is an excellent actor who prepares for his roles with insight and research, ensuring the character of Easton Swedish is shown with authenticity.


Easton Rocket Sweda is a relatable and lovable character from Atypical, who is portrayed with authenticity and empathy in the series. Though he is not autistic in real life, actor Don Deetz has done an excellent job of portraying him with insight and understanding.

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