Emily Morris is an internationally successful Australian gymnast and current World Champion in women’s artistic gymnastics. She has won numerous accolades over the years, including multiple gold medals at the World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.

However, outside of the competition circuit, is Emily Morris a gymnast in real life?

Her Amateur Gymnastics Career

Emily Morris began her amateur gymnastics career at the age of five, when she started training and competing in three-day all-around competitions. From there, she progressed to attending international gymnastics competitions, where she earned numerous accolades.

The Professional Circuit

Emily Morris moved away from the amateur circuit and into the professional realm when she was fourteen. Since then, she has become one of the most decorated gymnasts in the world, with multiple gold and silver medals in both the World Championships and Olympic Games.

Is She Still a Gymnast?

Despite all of her success, Emily Morris is unlikely to be seen performing in the gym these days, as she has since retired from professional competition.

Although she no longer competes, Emily Morris is still very much involved in the world of gymnastics. She can be found offering her expertise to aspiring athletes and coaches, as well as using her platform to advocate for health and safety measures in the sport.


In conclusion, Emily Morris may no longer be performing gymnastics in the traditional sense, but she is still very much involved in the sport, with the same passion and drive as she had when she was competing. She is an inspiration to aspiring athletes, and a valuable asset to the world of gymnastics.

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