Erica Goldberg, the eldest daughter of the titular Goldberg family on the hit TV show The Goldbergs, may play a pregnant teenager on the show, but in real life the actress who plays Erica is definitely not pregnant.

Hayley Orrantia is the actress who plays Erica and has been part of the show since its start in 2013. She has portrayed Erica for seven seasons and has had to play a character in various life stages, from a high school junior to a pregnant senior. Hayley Orrantia has not been pregnant in any of those seasons.

Reasons why Hayley Orrantia Is Not Pregnant

    • Her Age: Hayley Orrantia is currently 27 years old, and is therefore not in the age range where pregnancy is a likely occurrence.
    • Engagement: Hayley Orrantia recently got engaged to her boyfriend, thus pregnancy is not on the cards right now.
    • Other Projects: Hayley currently has 3 ongoing projects including an upcoming movie and has been busy with those projects instead of planning a pregnancy.

In conclusion, while Hayley Orrantia is an incredible actress and portrays Erica Goldberg’s pregnancy perfectly on The Goldbergs, she is not pregnant in real life.

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