The Game of Life is an interactive board game first created in 1860. It has been a classic family favorite for generations, but did you know that you can now also play it digitally? That’s right! The Game Of Life is available to download on Xbox.

Re-discover the classic game

If you’re a fan of the classic board game, then you can now re-live your favorite memories in a new way! With the same levels of high-quality graphics you would expect from an Xbox game, you can be sure that the full game experience is ready and waiting.

Choose your own adventure

From decisions on college, relationships, careers and more, you’ll be free to make your own choices as you experience life’s most important moments. With a colorful 3D board and fun 3D avatars, you can make each experience your own.

Create your story


The Game of Life on Xbox lets you create your own story by designing your own avatar, choosing your own path, and then embarking on your own life’s journey. With a few clicks of your controller, you can choose your own course.



    • Mix and Match: Create your own avatar and take your story in any direction
    • High-Quality Graphics: Enjoy the same level of quality you would expect from the classic game
    • Fun Characters: Meet a cast of fun characters throughout your play-through
    • Easy Controls:Experience the game with easy to use Xbox One controller buttons

The Game of Life on Xbox provides you with hours of entertainment and a great way to pass time with family and friends. Get ready for some classic fun, re-imagined for modern gameplay.

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