Released in 2019, BMF (Best Man Forever) has become a popular Japan-based drama series that revolves around the life of a young man named Kato and his quest to turn his life around. Since then, fans of the drama have been wondering whether the character of Kato is alive or dead in real life.

Fact-Checking Kato’s Life

To help shed light on this matter, let’s take a look at the facts. While it has never been officially confirmed, several sources state that the actor who portrays Kato, Keisuke Koide, is alive and well in real life. It further means that Kato doesn’t exist in real life.

The Legitimacy of Kato’s Status

The legitimacy of Kato’s status has been further reaffirmed by the production company of BMF, which has addressed the question of whether Kato is alive in real life. They have stated that Kato is indeed alive and well, and that Koide is healthy, both medically and mentally.

Kato’s Mythology

Despite all the facts and evidence pointing towards Kato’s status being alive in real life, some fans and viewers have been wondering if the character of Kato has become something of a mythical creature, as he has become so popular with fans around the world. As of now, it’s hard to tell.


To conclude, Kato from BMF is alive in real life and the actor who portrays him, Keisuke Koide, is healthy and doing well. The production company of BMF has confirmed this fact and there is no reason to doubt the validity of Koide’s status.

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