Short answer: Yes, Kevin Costner is a grandfather in real life. He is the proud grandfather of six adorable grandchildren.

Background: Kevin Costner is a renowned American actor, film director, producer, and musician well known for his numerous award-winning roles in films including Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams, and JFK.

What we know about Kevin Costner’s grandchildren?

    • Kevin Costner has six grandkids – Cayden Costner, Hayes Logan, Grace Avery, Liam Costner, Hayes Costner, and Brooke Costner.
    • Cayden was born in 2007 to Kevin’s son, Liam Costner, and his wife, Christine Baumgartner.
    • His youngest grandchildren, Brooke, was born in 2019 to Kevin’s youngest son, Joe Costner, and his wife, Bridgit.
    • All of Kevin’s grandchildren have had the opportunity to appear in a movie that Kevin produced, Youn Kurt the Filly.

How involved is Kevin as a Grandfather?

Kevin is an incredibly involved and proud grandfather. He has taken his grandchildren on vacations around the world, including trips to Europe and Southeast Asia. He also loves taking them to the movies and out to dinner. Kevin shares many pictures and videos of his grandchildren on social media, showing his love for them.

Conclusion: Kevin Costner is a very proud grandfather of six amazing grandchildren and is very active in their lives. He spreads love and joy all around to everybody, both his loved ones and everyone he meets.

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