Riverdale is an incredibly popular series produced by CW and adapted from the Archie comics. With a cast of dynamic and mysterious characters, it has remained a fan favorite way past its first season. One of the most intriguing and beloved characters is Kevin Keller, portrayed by Casey Cott.

Who Is Kevin Keller?

Kevin is the son of Sheriff Keller and serves as the vice president of the Riverdale High student body. He is a social justice advocate and supports feminist causes, trying to make the world a better place. Throughout the seasons, he has been portrayed as a diverse and multi-dimensional character.

Is Kevin Gay?

In Riverdale, the answer is a definite yes. From the very beginning it was established that Kevin is openly gay and his romantic partners have been mainly men. However, in real life it is not so clear. Even thouhg Kevin’s actor, Cott, has been asked several times about his sexual preference, his answers indicate that he doesn’t like to label himself.

What Does Casey Cott Say?

In an interview with OUT magazine, Cott said:

    • “I don’t really understand the necessity for labeling yourself. I think it’s fine if people choose to do it but my personal life is my personal life.”
    • “Every day is different and every day I feel different types of emotions and I think that’s the beauty of living life as a human being.”

So, based on Casey’s answers, it is hard to affirm if he is straight, bisexual or otherwise. He chooses to keep his private life private, and is enjoying the freedom of exploring different facets of his identity.


In the end, there’s no doubt that Kevin Keller is an iconic and beloved character. Whether he is gay or not in real life, Casey Cott himself has defined the beauty of living life as a human being and his admiration towards LGBTQIA+ is clear. And in Riverdale, Kevin will always be an open and proud gay man.

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