The popular character Leo, played by Greg Rikaart, on Days Of Our Lives has made quite the impact on fans. Leo came on the show as a con-artist and has since revealed he was duped in an arranged marriage. Some fans have speculated that Leo is gay in real life, so what’s the truth?

What We Know So Far

The truth is, Leo’s sexuality has been left ambiguous by the showrunners. Leo has shown interests in both males and females, and while his sexuality may still be a mystery, his real-life counterpart Greg Rikaart has been outspoken about his own.

Greg Rikaart’s Sexuality

Rikaart is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. He announced his engagement to his boyfriend in 2016, and a year later, the two wed in Los Angeles. He also recently shared a tender moment on Twitter with his husband, where he celebrated their third year of marriage.

What We Can Conclude From This

The truth is, while Leo may or may not be gay in real life, in the show there are actual conversations around gender and sexuality that still remain important.

    • Greg Rikaart is openly gay in real life.
    • Leo’s sexuality has not been specified, leaving it open to interpretation.
    • Days Of Our Lives is creating conversations around gender and sexuality.

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