Life 1999 is a drama miniseries based in the year 1999, during the war where NATO air forces bombed Serbia & Montenegro because of their long-standing political, religious and ethnic differences. So, is this dramatic and powerful story based on a true story?

Background of the Conflict

The conflicts between the government of Serbia and Montenegro on one side and the Roman Catholic and Kosovar Albanian population on the other side were sources of tension that had been stewing since the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991. These tensions eventually led to the NATO airstrikes from March to June 1999 aimed at forcing the Serbian government to comply with the United Nations’ attempts to gain diplomatic peace between the warring sides.

The War in Life 1999

Life 1999 is based on actual historical events, but the main characters and story itself are fictional. It follows the journey of a young Serbian girl named Marija as she embarks on a mission to save her country from the violence and destruction caused by the NATO airstrikes. As she travels through the different parts of Serbia, she meets an array of characters, both good and bad, and witnesses first-hand the effects of the war.

What Really Happened?

Despite the dramatic and heart-wrenching story in Life 1999, the actual conflict in the Balkans is much more complex. Whilst the Serbian government was eventually hit with sanctions due to their refusal to accept a peace agreement and withdraw forces from Kosovo, they were also accused of violence and war crimes against the civilians and military operations in the area.


Whilst Life 1999 is based on real events, it is ultimately a fictional story and some of the details have been altered or exaggerated for dramatic effect. It does, however, provide an insight into the horror and tragedy of war, and the human cost that is often forgotten in the midst of such conflicts.

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