The popular television show Life Below Zero follows the daily lives of Alaskan wilderness dwellers as they struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. With such intense, seemingly natural scenarios and intense drama, some viewers may find themselves wondering if Life Below Zero is scripted.

What the Producers Say

The executive producers of Life Below Zero have all been adamant that the show follows an unscripted, documentarian approach to storytelling. Executive producer Vanessa Tovell has specifically stated that the show follows a “real-life narrative, informed by our characters’ experiences and told through the lens of an experienced documentary film crew.”

Area Residents Weigh In

Residents of the show’s shooting location, Port Alsworth, have expressed appreciation for the show, but have also raised questions about some portrayals. Local guides and business owners have questioned why certain scenes seem to focus on main characters and ignore participations from others.

Behind the Scenes Hints

Though Life Below Zero does not use actors or scripted storylines, it is possible that the production crew may manipulate reality for the sake of storytelling and drama. According to certain reports, the crew could pressurize characters to act out certain scenes and offer specific explanations for events.


The producers of Life Below Zero insist that the show follows an unscripted, documentarian approach to storytelling. Locals around the show’s filming location remain supportive, though skeptical of some particular portrayals. It is likely that the production crew may offer backstage advice and direction, though ultimately the characters remain in charge of their own narratives.

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