Life is often an ongoing journey filled with hardship, joy and reward. How much of this journey is the result of futile effort? Is life truly futile, or is it something more meaningful and purposeful?


The notion that life is futile can be traced back to the philosophical or literary tradition known as “existentialism.” Existentialism holds that life has no preordained value and that we are free to search for our own meaning and purpose. This can be a daunting concept and often leads to an understanding that life is indeed futile in its very unpredictability.

Reasons to Disagree

Perhaps life is not futile, but rather a journey of discovery and growth. We choose to make our lives meaningful through our actions and experiences. Furthermore, we can make decisions based on our understanding of the situation and how we want to approach a particular problem.

    • Choice: We have the power to make conscious choices in our everyday lives and decide how to direct our life’s course.
    • Purpose: We can give our life purpose by engaging in activities that are meaningful and promote personal growth.
    • Connection: We have relationships with people who enrich our lives and help us find direction.


Life may sometimes seem futile, but it does not have to be. We can choose to make our lives meaningful and purposeful, and connect with those around us to give our lives even more value. Ultimately, life can be seen as something to be embraced, as it is filled with moments of joy and reward.

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