Using lube can make sex more enjoyable, comfortable and safer for everyone involved. But many people wonder if lube is actually safe. The answer is yes — lubricant is absolutely safe when used correctly.

Types of Lube

There are several types of lube available today, including:

    • Water-based lube: Water-based lube is the safest and most common lube type. It’s made up of water, glycerin and sometimes preservatives. This type of lube is easy to clean and often doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.
    • Silicone-based lube: Silicone lube is usually more viscous and longer-lasting than water-based lube. It’s typically made with silicone, propylene glycol and preservatives. It doesn’t break down in water and often does leave a slight oily residue.
    • Oil-based lube: Oil-based lube is made with plant, mineral and animal oils like coconut and peanut oil. It’s typically long lasting and less likely to cause irritation. Oil-based lubes are not safe to use with condoms as it may damage the material.
    • Hybrid lubes: Hybrid lubes are a combination of both water- and silicone-based lubes. They tend to feel silkier, but have the properties of water-based lube.

Lube Safety

In general, lube is safe when used correctly. It’s important to make sure your lube has been tested and approved by the FDA and to read the label carefully before using to check for potential irritants or other ingredients. It’s also important to check with your doctor if you have any allergies or medical conditions that could be affected by lube.

It’s important to note that some lubes, especially oil-based lubes, are not safe to use with condoms as they can damage the material. Additionally, it’s important to keep lube away from eyes and mouth to avoid any potential irritation.

Overall, lube is a safe and enjoyable way to make sex more pleasurable. Just make sure to research the type of lube you’re using and to use it according to the instructions.

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