There’s been much speculation recently surrounding Lucy Coles’ pregnancy. The actress stars in the crime drama “The Rookie,” and internet detectives on social media sites have been asking if she is pregnant in real life.

Here’s What We Know

There’s no evidence to suggest that Lucy Cole is pregnant in her real life, however, she is pregnant in the show. Cole plays Harper, one of the main character’s love interest. During the third remaining episodes of season 3, audiences will see Harper pregnant with Officer Nathan Fletchers (played by actor Mekai Curtis) baby.

Other recent news announcing her pregnancy in the show has caused much confusion for fans. It has been reported that Cole recently announced that she is expecting a baby in real life. However, this can be easily confused as her character Harper who is pregnant in the show. By no means has Lucy Cole ever said they are having a baby.

Other Recent Lucy Cole Projects

    • Echoes From The Canyon – a modern-day high school love story.
    • The Voice – a reality singing show.
    • Call Me Kat – a single-camera comedy series.

Even though the question of Lucy Cole being pregnant in real life still sits unanswered, it’s safe to say, she will be leaving all the baby drama for her character in the show.

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