It is safe to say that a lot of us are watching NCIS: Hawaii every week – and sitting down to see whether or not it is going to reveal the true sexual orientation of NCIS special agent Lucy, played by Alana de la Garza.

Lucy’s True Sexuality

Fans have been asking for the true sexuality of Lucy on NCIS: Hawaii for quite some time now. The show never mentioned it in any of the episodes. Therefore, it left things up to speculation and rumors.

After much anticipation, we can answer this question – is Lucy on NCIS: Hawaii gay in real life?

The Answer

To answer the question, the answer is an absolute no. As far as we can tell, Alana de la Garza is straight in real life. She is married to Michael Roberts and the couple have two children together.

Interesting Facts

In addition to Lucy from NCIS: Hawaii, Alana de la Garza has also played roles in movies such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Conviction, and The Predator.

Though she is married to a man in real life, Alana is supportive of the LGBT+ community and has no problem with playing gay roles on television.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Lucy from NCIS: Hawaii is not gay in real life. She is married to Michael Roberts and the two are happy together. Alana de la Garza also has no problem playing gay roles on television as she is a major supporter of the LGBT+ community.

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